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August 2011

Hi Daryn:

Our daughter attended Foothills Camp last week and we had the opportunity to watch her tube and waterski. While in the boat with Brenden, we learned of the value of your sponsorship to the Foothills Camp Waterfront Program. A heartfelt thank you from both of us! To watch the children on the boat (aged 10 - 12) master the technique required to successfully waterski was phenomenal. Without the fantastic support you offer this program, the children would not have had the first class experience that they did. 

We were fortunate to be available to watch the program in action and we have a different perspective on the "background work" that is necessary for its success. Our children are blessed to have individuals like yourself who offer full support of a tremendous program like the waterfront program at Foothills Camp.

Thank you and God bless!

Deb and Troy Kindopp

When we picked up the boat in August 2007 you asked if I could send you a testimonial, here you go!

We were in a bind! The vacation at the lake was 2 weeks away and while preparing the boat for the trip we noticed an oil stain beneath the leg. We had a corrosion hole on the underside of the leg. I took Digital pictures of the leg and the hole. I went to one of Calgary's high end boat dealerships, the service manager suggested an entire new leg, he wasn't sure if our leg could even be repaired. I went to a second dealership and this guy was horrible!! He couldn't determine which parts were required, he wanted to order different models of the same part and have me pay for the restocking of the wrong parts: AND he didn't think his shop could even do the work within the next 2 weeks.

I new a little about Dandy and decided try one last place before giving up.

The ladies at the front immediately had a very good idea what parts were needed, after consulting with one of their technicians who knew exactly what to order and how to repair it my stress level was going down. The story ended very well. They repaired the boat on time, when others couldn't. They were sensitive to our timeframe and we will continue to use and recommend Dandy for all our boat maintenance and repair needs.

Best regards,

Fred Franchuk

Dandy Techinicans

I was referred to Dandy by my brother-in-law Dale last year - as he had had a few dealings with Dandy Auto Marine & R. V. Ltd., in the past and was impressed with the quality of work and especially the level of customer service he received from your facility & extremely knowledgeable technicians.

As you know now, the original stock engine in my Mastercraft had seized and blown up at the end of the 2004 ski season, I had "interviewed" the boat shop that at the time had done most of my service work in the past and was not impressed with the responses to my questions and how I was treated. Seeing as how I was about to invest $5000.00-$10 000.00 in my engine I wasn’t about to settle.

Lucky for me I was able to meet and interview Daryn Fyfe at the boat show last fall about building me a complete custom motor. He was enthusiastic about the project and I was more than happy with Daryn’s enthusiasm. Long story short, the motor is “AWESOME” and without a doubt the envy of all my buddies at Pine Lake. The extra 20-30 horse that you bumped it up is incredible, and our motor truly has distinct rumble that sets it apart from all the other tournament boats on the lake!!

We are lifetime customers of Dandy now, and appreciate the exceptional customer service we continually receive from Lisa and the level of mechanical service we continue to get from the technicians ...whether it’s custom motor builds, tower installs, general maintenance, winterizations or detailing, we continue to enjoy dealing with the crew at Dandy!!!!

Scott Wearmouth

August 2006

Daryn, and Dandy Staff:

I just wanted to thank everyone at Dandy for the excellent service I have received over the past year. Without hesitation, I would say that the level of service and attention to detail I have received from Daryn and his staff is hands down the best I have ever received from any service shop or for that matter any business, period!

I met Dandy Team at the boat show in February of 2005. The previous summer I purchased my first boat, a 1989 Malibu Sunsetter. I was interested in installing a Monster Tower and the motor was in need of repair. After the show I contacted Daryn and discussed with him my concerns about my boat and installing a tower. I was very impressed at the amount of time Daryn spent talking to me on the phone. As it turns out, I needed a new motor and some other minor repairs.

Dandy Auto Marine & R.V Ltd., built me a custom motor that is unbelievable! I was so impressed with the attention to detail and quality of work, I have been back numerous times to have Daryn and his staff install a shower, heater, ballast pumps and perfect pass as well as repairs to the trailer and some wiring issues.

Even though I live in Calgary I now bring both our vehicles to Daryn and would not take them anywhere else. Spending the extra time to drive to Airdrie is well worth it. I think Dandy is setting a new level in Automotive and Marine Service. If you are considering using Dandy for you Marine and Automotive repairs I would highly recommend you give them a try, you will not be disappointed!

Thanks again Daryn, & Dandy Technicians - I look forward to many years of service and friendship in the future.

Rob Pitchford

November 23, 2006

RE: 96 Bayliner rebuild for Harvey Robb Olds

Hi Daryn,

Just wanted you and the guys to know that last winters 350 rebuild on our boat motor was perfect, she ran like a top all summer. With the extra horses and the bigger prop I was able to cover every arm of the lake this year and use less gas than last year, even with the extra horse power. Great job guys!

Best Regards.,

Harvey Robb

February 7, 2008

Hello there,

I had my car in at Dandy a couple weeks ago and wanted to let you know how well I was looked after. It was so refreshing to talk to friendly and knowledgeable staff.

I appreciate the note that Daryn put on my customer profile, it shows that everyone communicates and is involved.

Again, a job very well done. I will not hesitate to tell me friends about Dandy!


Amanda Price

February 17, 2008

Dandy Service,

I was so glad that I heard about you from an acquaintance at work. Last week the driver’s side window on my car decided to stay in the down position in –minus 32 degree weather!! I was so glad when I called that your staff was so understood about the urgency of having this looked at. My husband was out of town and I was completely lost.. not to mention FROZEN!!

I just wanted to say “Thank-you” .. as it turns out I also booked my 2007 Bluewater Boat in for a Spring Run up and a new Monster Tower!!! It’s great to have a service facility that looks after not only our vehicle’s but our toy’s too..

Again, thank-you… Daryn, Candace and The Service Dept. I would not hesitate to pass your service on to our friends and family.

Best Regards.,

Dana Ke 'pmina

Fleet Services GE

May 7, 2009

Dear Dandy Auto,

Thank you so much for your generosity earlier this year.  When my husband was in a near-fatal ATV accident and we were victims of vandalism a short while later, we needed a hand up and you generously offered company time and resources.

We sincerely appreciate all the time and effort put into detailing both our trucks, consigning the Ford truck, replacing the windshield and side windows in our GMC.  We would also like to extend our gratitude for your contributions and support given to the High Watson fundraiser held at Our Flames on February 21st.

It is wonderful to see that such compassion still exists in the Airdrie business community!


Tany Watson