Charitable Donations

Hi Daryn:

Our daughter attended Foothills Camp last week and we had the opportunity to watch her tube and waterski. While in the boat with Brenden, we learned of the value of your sponsorship to the Foothills Camp Waterfront Program. A heartfelt thank you from both of us! To watch the children on the boat (aged 10 - 12) master the technique required to successfully waterski was phenomenal. Without the fantastic support you offer this program, the children would not have had the first class experience that they did.

We were fortunate to be available to watch the program in action and we have a different perspective on the "background work" that is necessary for its success. Our children are blessed to have individuals like yourself who offer full support of a tremendous program like the waterfront program at Foothills Camp.

Thank you and God bless!

Deb and Troy Kindopp

PS I have attached a scanned note from our ten-year old daughter, Tiana.


Re: Charitable Donation

Thank you again for your donation to the Alberta Foster Parents Association annual silent auction. Your items were very much appreciated and enjoyed busy bidding!!! Funds raised are used to promote consistent and better care of foster children through training of foster homes, and also go to the James River Camp for foster children and families. Your donation supports the fostering community, and for that I thank you.